Anonymous asked: hey have you got any photography tips for beginners?

Learn your camera inside and out. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from people you know! Shooting on manual is the best and manual focus because then you can decide. ALSO! Do what you want and take pictures of what you want.

ARTIST: The Buzzcocks

TRACK: Breakdown

ALBUM: Spiral Scratch

PLAYS: 300
Anonymous asked: Hi, I kindly ask you to not bleed in public spaces. I am a paramedic and know first hand that blood exposure is dangerous and costly to deal with. Unfortunately tumblr won't let me link them, but the CDC has numerous brochures explaining the dangers of blood exposure. Thank you.

Hahahahaha it’s fake blood yo! N art

Anonymous asked: In the photoshoot, is that actual blood on your legs?

That’s not actually me. It’s my best friend Zoe! And no it’s fake blood from the Halloween store.

A sneak peak of part 1/4 of the project i’ve been working on. 




Included in the program of Michael Brown’s funeral service, a message from his parents. 


Heart just sinks.

This breaks my heart

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Editorial for Vice Online 2012
Photography by Arvida Byström, styled by Josef Forselius